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I am a Video Producer, Voice Performer and Creative Writer with a background in psychology, english literature and philosophy. I have a diploma and a degree in media production and have over half a decade of experience as a content creator.
A vibrant team worker who always pushes myself and anyone I work with to create the best and most unique product possible, a particular point I make is that everyone working on a project deserves to and should get the opportunity to leave their creative mark.
A penchant for horror and transmedia fiction, I have a particular interest in technology and the future of storytelling. Inversely to this I enjoy frequently making informative content on media such as video games and film news, even having a weekly podcast where I cover the latest news in these areas. I am also a member of the LGBT community and have created content for pride events which I am very proud to be a part of.

As well as this, I run multiple social media and blog accounts such as @PlacesYouWere and @MarshwoodSpring on Twitter. Here I showcase creative writing and photography, as well as reviews and non-ficiton content.

I have written, directed and created a variety of web-series, short films and podcasts, even working as an assistant writer on video game projects. As well as this I have multiple years of non-fiction reporting for media news and have a particular penchant for ARG and other transmedia styles of storytelling with my fiction products.
I have always had an interest in writing for fiction from a very young age, and it is my most thoroughbred passion.
When I was younger I enjoyed myself performing on stage, but soon discovered that, when performing, I enjoyed it most when I got to use my voice. Now, I have done voice acting and voice over work for games, animation and audio (podcast, radioplay, etc.) projects, as well as appearing in person, usually in the capacity of a presenter, having presented multiple fiction and non-fiction shows including quiz shows and a media news podcast. 
Finally, I have over five years editing experience with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, With six years working extensively in Premiere Pro, three years working with Photoshop and two years experience with After Effects.

Bath Spa University from 2017-2020
-- Film, TV and Digital Production (Ba (Hons)

Strode College from 2015-2017
-- English Literature (A Level)
-- Broadcast Media Production (Extended Diploma)

Wells Blue School from 2010 - 2015 (GCSE):
-- Science, Maths, English, I.T. (BTEC), Religion And Philosophy, Drama

Wells Blue School from 2010 - 2015 (AS Levels):
--  Psychology, Philosophy And Ethics, Drama
Work Experience:

In 2020 I worked on a short contract for Super Motion as a Camera Assistant and Editing Assistant.
In 2021 I had multiple roles, both as Copywriting and Content Executive at The Game Marketer, and as Editor and Video Producer at Indie Game Fans.

I am a streamer and Twitch affiliate, and have amassed a small following with high-quality streams that I hold multiple times a week.
I also create video content weekly such as short films, gaming content and informative and opinionative 'news' podcast content related to film and video games as well as readings of popular online fiction.
I have worked for various private contractors creating voice work, writing, directing and editing for short films, web-series, music and video games.
A summer internship at Strategic Capital Associates in 1018 taught me about working in an office environment, assisting various employees with their assorted roles helped me gain a breadth of knowledge about how a business functions.
A week as a teaching assistant at Chewton Mendip Primary School in March of 2014 helped me boost my confidence, and allowed me to learn how to work with children and how to lead a team of other teaching assistants, as well as parents.
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