Champions is an experimental comedy short filmed as-live in one taping. It is a parody of 1980s aerobics tapes (and also a talk show) and I helped write and co-direct, as well as presenting and creating the entire 'proto-pills sponsorship ad' from scratch. It was made as part of my Film, TV and Digital Production course at Bath Spa University.
Another project that I had a less holistic role in was when I presented the 'Bath Spa Film Show', a quiz and film related show at Bath Spa University.
I only presented this project and was not involved in any other aspect, but knew the show-runners, as we share a passion for film.
Campus camping was another project I presented for, I'm not sure exactly what it was about, but it had something to do with comparing Camping to Staying on campus, and included tips on how to save money whilst living as a student.
I presented and edited the VTs for this project.
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