In 2021 I got a position as a writer at a small gaming publication; Indie Game Fans, after a few months of working purely as a writer in a freelance capacity I was brought on full-time as an editor, and then a couple of months after that I added 'video producer' to my job list, and was the sole creator of the long-form content that can be found on their page, as well as doing all of the scripts and voiceover work for all the other content. My time there ended in the second half of 2022, after moving onto greener pastures.
This Evil Dead video was the first of the long-form videos that I made, and was a turning point in my position at the publication.
I also made much of the review content that I wrote into video content for the page.
I also worked on a lot of short form content, writing, voicing and then uploading them once they were written.
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