Marshwood Springs is a small town located somewhere in the northern hemisphere, in some english-speaking country, it is bordered by forest, mountains and a treacherous marsh, Marshwood Springs is also entirely fictional.
The third episode, released almost a full year after the second, takes a different tone to the dark, grimy aesthetic of the first two. This involved our first female narrator, and a furthering of the overall story. Music and video were, once again, created as a collaborative effort with myself at the helm.

The next episode is intended to be released by april 2021.
The second episode was the first to begin to embody that community spirit I was hoping for, the story told in the episode was written by a friend of mine from university, art, music and video were all created by a slew of people from my discord server who wanted to have their creative mark immortalised in the show. Hopefully this trend can continue and expand.

The future of Marshwood is currently focused on the 'Oddities Society' webseries, and I have many plans for the future of it, with thirteen more episodes already planned. Every five episodes the format of the series will change. For instance, episodes 6-10 will be in the style of police interrogations, and 11-15 will be in the style of campfire stories. I look forward to seeing how the community will grow and come together to create this series and help it flourish.
The Current Incarnation of Marshwood Springs is in the webseries 'The Marshwood Springs Oddities Society', which is based on a script for a short film I wrote about stories being told by the leader of the Oddities Society. Eventually the ideas I had for this project became too big for just a short film, so I decided to make it a running series. 
The series is designed to be a collaborative effort with those interested in it, where I will be the editor and writer for the framing segments and overall story, but within each episode there is space for art, stories, voice acting, video, music and more from members of the community.
Of course, though, this could not happen until the show had ammassed a following, and so I called again upon KnowOne to bring the first episode to life. They created fantastic art and music for the first episode that really made it what it is.
Between the years of 2017 and 2019, when the group shut down, I was lead writer and co-director for the video game production team 'KnowOne Interactive'. One of the first projects we worked on was a text-based exploration game called 'Marshwood '72', about a protagonist who had woken up in this strange place in the year 2072, not knowing what was going on.
It would later be revealed that this game is a direct sequel to GHYCN, and that you are playing as a machine who has a copy of the protagonist's consciousness inside it. But after GHYCN became defunct the story was changed to be more of a standalone product. Sadly this game never reached completion, but this was not the last time that Knowone Interactive would work with me on a Marshwood project.
Marshwood was originally created for the now-defunct second phase of an ARG that I created with the help of some friends in 2016. 
GHYCN was about a super powered young man with no memories who is trying to discover his past, but keeps coming to blows with the mysterious and threatning 'Harpocretes Institute'. 
At the end of phase one a blog was created for a character named Gemini Truman, who would later end up being the original version of the main character, during the reveal that the main character is a clone of Gemini.
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