Between May and November of 2021 I was contracted as an in-house editor and camera assistant to Super Motion Ltd.

Super Motion is a video marketing producer which has, in 2022, shifted it's focus to agriculture, but at the time I was working there, had a much more general approach to clients. Whilst there I helped create video content for the likes of Sainsbury's supermarkets, Arla farms, Screenskills and Early Day films.

This video for Caplor Energy was one of the biggest projects I worked on whilst at the company, Involving many revisions and style changes, as well as reshoots before reaching the final product.
Here are some more of the projects I worked on that I'm allowed to show. In total it was about one project every two weeks, totalling at about twelve major projects throughout my time working there. 

I wish I was able to show more of it here, as some of my finest editing work was done during this time. I learned a lot during my time here and made sure I was invaluable to the company, to the point where I still occasionally am asked to do small amounts of work for them on a freelance basis.
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