The GRYITH Show and The GRYITH Show LIVE! are iterations of my weekly podcast where I talk about media news, conspiracy theories and cryptids, as well as doing reviews for media I enjoy or media I have recently consumed and have something to say about.
And Finally, we reach the current, most recent itteration of The GRYITH Show LIVE!, where the introduction of a pre-recorded segment brings a combination of what made both the original show and the live shows great, and allows me to use all of my talents and skills of writing, editing, performing and filmmaking.
Then, as a simple but holistic change, the show became a live one. This was after I had started already doing regular streams and wanted to bring something new to the channel.
In late 2018, during a full rebrand of my online presence titled 'The Conversion', I merged several ideas I had had for video series, including these pre-existing ones, and created a longer format program, The GRYITH Show. 
As well as this, I had a long-standing review series called 'what about', which is still a named segment in The GRYITH Show today.
The GRYITH Show began as an amalgam of a few projects I had played with between 2017 and 2018, starting with a failed podcast in 2017 called 'The Bee Larry King Show', named after a gag in 'The Bee Movie'.
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