Currently, I frequently review content on social platforms like Letterbox'd and Backlogg'd, but much of my writing work is in freelance article writing. Be it news, reviews or other types of article. Examples of this work can be found on IndieGameFans, for which I am one of the most frequenly posting authors, please visit the site to see my work using the button on the left.
This video essay was made during the Covid-19 lockdown.
In late 2018 I created a series of  short visual essays as part of an aggressive re-brand of my online persona.
In Mid-2018 I made a video about the simmilarieties between two seemingly unrelated things.
At the beginning of 2018 I created two videos, one about a problem with many video games, and the other acting as a behind-the-scenes video for a short film I made.
For a while, all my writing was on my website 'GoneNow', where I was the creator and lead editor, on this site I posted about gaming and film news, opinion and think pieces, as well as reviews.
I made a video for halloween in preparation for the upcoming video game 'The Evil Within 2'.
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